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One Color Two Colors Three Colors
$32.00 $32.00 $32.00

Glory Hoops are 8 in. hoops. The length of the Glory Hoop fringe is about 18" long.

Glory Hoops

Colors and Meanings


Glory Hoops Red and Gold Glory Hoop Red and Gold Glory Hoop


Red and Gold Glory Hoop Red and Gold Glory Hoop Red and Gold Glory Hoop Red and Gold Glory Hoop

RED - SCARLET: The Red Glory Hoop represents the Blood of Jesus, Life, Salvation, Atonement, Sacrifice, Fire, Redemption, Ruler.

GOLD - RED                        GOLD - RED - BLUE

red and gold glory hoop red, gold  glory hoop red, gold and blue glory hoop


Gold Glory Hoop Gold Glory Hoop

GOLD: The Gold Glory Hoop represents the Shekinah Glory God head; Divine Nature, Holiness, Precious, Kingship, Royalty, God's Provision.

SILVER                                    SILVER - BLUE

Silver Glory Hoop Silver Glory Hoop Silver and Blue Glory HoopSilver and Blue  Glory Hoop

SILVER: The Silver Glory Hoops represents the Redemption, Price of a Soul, Truth, Eternal life


Iridescent Glory Hoop Iridescent Glory Hoop

IRIDESCENT AND WHITE - The Iridescent Glory Hoop represents Clear, Transparent, Pure, the Renewed Mind-Overcoming Power, Fruit of the Spirit, Water Baptism, Wind, Holy Spirit, Born Again, Angels, Peace, Triumph, Victory, Glory, Joy, Light, Righteousness acquired through blood of Christ; Bride's garment

BLUE                                   BLUE - SILVER

blue glory hoop silver and blue glory Hoop silver and blue glory hoop

BLUE: The Blue Glory Hoop represents Gods' Presence, Symbol of Deity, Anointing, Heaven, Grace, Holy Spirit, Truth, Authority, Kingship, Priesthood, faithfulness.

Fathom dancing with a green glory hoop

GREEN: The Green represents Gods' Ever Lasting Life, New beginning, Eternity, Eternal health Healing.

PURPLE: The Purple Represents Kingship, Majesty, Mediator, Creativity, Wealth, Reigning with Christ Symbolizes Jesus' Royalty; Majesty, Power, Penitence, The name of God; Kingdom authority; Dominion, Son-ship, The promises of God; Inheritance, Priesthood.

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